A site that offers research, inspirational stories, surveys, data, videos, books, and features to nine million African American Baby Boomers
The premiere website for African-American genealogy and research
African Ancestry, Inc.
Trace your DNA.  Find your roots.
Africana Heritage
Rediscovering records of African American genealogy and history, extensive document database
African-American genealogy through DNA
Free, Central Internet Database for African and African-American Genealogy and History
American Legacy Magazine
A magazine dedicated to African-American history and culture
Ancient-Art-of-Facts Publishing
Your source for innovative and creative Black Literature
Black Collegian Online
The Career Site for Students of Color
An Online Reference Guide to African-American History
LowCountry Africana
Site dedicated to exploring, discovering and learning about the hidden lives in the LowCountry South Carolina and Georgia
Mending Family Ties: Rejoicing the Hearts of Our Ancestors
Families coming together 150 years after their ancestors were torn apart from each other.
The Root.com
A site dedicated to African-American news, history, and culture
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Center dedicated to the preservation of Black culture
Slavery and the Making of America
Site that chronicles the history of American slavery from its beginnings in the British colonies to its end in the Southern states and the years of post-Civil War Reconstruction


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